Tastemaker Q&A: Sourcing Inspiration with Atlanta-Based Interior Designer, Susan Ferrier

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

For the January/February 2017 issue of Veranda, California Closets had the unique opportunity to collaborate with celebrated interior designer Susan Ferrier on her own master closet transformation. Elegant and rich with custom details, the one-of-a-kind space reflects Susan’s signature, sophisticated style. The project inspired us to speak further with Susan about her passion for design.

Bedroom and open closet with vanity for Susan Ferris' home discussion with California Closets

Susan brings a touch of Moroccan influence home from her travels with the decorative balls on the ottoman as shown.

Many have beautifully described your nationally recognized interiors. How would you define your approach to interior design?

Magic happens when combined elements work together to transcend the existing framework of any environment.  The feeling generated is greater than the sum of the pieces used to populate the space.  I think my interiors are recognized for being sensual and atmospheric, balanced with a visual rhythm, bold and casually opulent.  Often noted for a sophisticated use of color and texture, my interiors are recognized as being calming and hopefully thought provoking.

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

Designed by Susan, this living room is a perfect combination of Italian and English influence. The bust (found in Belgium) with the vase and foliage found during her travels in Venice.

Travel is one of your many passions. What are a few places that continue to inspire your work?

When I have the time to look around my home I am reminded of the wonderful places that I’ve visited.  I continue to draw inspiration from these experiences to give greater meaning and depth to my work and life.  Like the jewelry I collect and wear, everywhere my eye lands resonates with a memory or an idea or the friends I have shared my travels with.  The power of these inspiring places I have been continues to reach out and influence me.  A short list includes Marrakech, Istanbul, Venice, Paris, London, and Prague.  Places where centuries of trade has taken place resonate with me.

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

Susan’s travels to Paris inspire this charming and inviting space. Light interiors mixed with a bold fixture bring the perfect amount of dramatics—successfully capturing the eye, but truly capturing the spirit, too.

Are there any design trends for 2017 that you are particularly excited about?

Something that I have recognized as gaining momentum in design is the desire to immerse yourself and live and use the environments that are created.  A room is not for show but rather a gathering and nurturing space.  Things are much more human with a clean elegance.  There is also a return to what is real and individual.  Homes should be the most flattering self-portrait of the people that live there.

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

This Italian-inspired living space features more rich influence from Venice.

What is your favorite room/space to transform?  

Bedroom Suites and Grand Salons.

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

One of Susan’s English-inspired formal dining areas.

Throughout your years designing countless spaces are there a few things that always remain constant in your approach?  

Everything will always be heartfelt and romantic because that is usually the point from where I start everything.

Tastemaker QA Susan Ferrier Blog Post

A beautifully-curated room consisting of all things warm, sharp, and exquisite inspired by Susan’s travels in Paris.

All images can be credited to “Courtesy of Susan Ferrier McAlpine House

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