Why Closet Lighting is a Bright Idea

Custom LED lighting in a walk in closet in natural wood grain finish by California Closets

Thoughtful lighting design is often underestimated. Whether your goal is to dramatically showcase a well-curated wardrobe or to improve visibility in a tight space, the right lighting placement adds practical function along with elevated style.

In fact, throughout the home, our custom-designed storage solutions can be integrated with lighting that serves your unique needs and preferences. Here, California Closets’ national manager of design, Erin Hardy, offers her insights on the big impact even small lighting details can make.

Walk in closet in light wood grain finish with shoe storage and custom LED lights by California Closets

When should clients consider lighting in their system?

I recommend lighting in any system – there are so many benefits! Task lighting can be a critical element for function in a space, especially if it’s a high-traffic area like a closet or kitchen pantry. Understanding key areas for light placement can create desired shadows or eliminate dark spots. Accent lighting is best used to highlight treasured items, adding beauty to the design and setting a mood.

What are the benefits of LED Lighting?

We use long-lasting LED lights because they are powerful, energy-efficient, and generate a minimal amount of heat. Not only do we offer warm and cool LED lighting, but we also offer a tunable option that lets the customer set the color temperature to suit their preference or to match existing lighting in the room. The tunable light also offers the option to change the color temperature based on the time of day or natural light in the space.
Custom drawers in natural wood grain finish with internal led lighting by California Closets

What misconceptions do you think people have when it comes to lighting applications?

I don’t think people realize the extent to which lighting affects the function and design of a space. Lighting is especially important in task areas, like a home office or craft room. Adequate closet lighting can also be the difference between choosing black or navy slacks. Whether you add under cabinet lighting, up lighting, down lighting, or ribbon or puck lights, lighting can change the mood of a room with the touch of a button. It has the ability to elevate any design.

Luxury walk in closet with shoe storage and custom led lighting throughout by California Closets

What is your favorite lighting application for achieving a dramatic impact?

Sometimes the simplest lighting addition can make the most impact, like illuminating a dark laundry room or hall closet. From a design standpoint, nothing is more dramatic than a gorgeous shoe collection on display under a flood of LED puck or strip lighting – even better, behind a set of glass doors for a coveted boutique look!

Open shelving in walk in closet with ribbon led lighting by California Closets

What about dimmers?

We offer multiple switching options with dimmers based on the needs and complexity of the design. Dimmer switches are ideal for softening light when intensity is not necessary or for changing the intensity to suit the time of day. I often recommend choosing a higher-intensity light with a dimmer so you have flexible control over the settings.

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What other ways should we think about incorporating lighting?

I prefer to layer the lighting to create the best effect. In a closet, neither function nor aesthetics should work alone. Combining both in lighting creates depth and beauty – in addition to function. It’s important to assess the needs and the desired effect to create the best solution.

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