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California Closets

California Closets

For more than three decades, we’ve been creating closet organizers and custom storage solutions for people like you. We’ve helped them reimagine spaces—discover hidden potential—and most of all, find balance.

Let us show you how the California Closets location near you can work with you to create a balanced solution that fits your home, and your life, to a tee.

Design—A True Collaboration

Every California Closets project begins with a complimentary design consultation. A skilled closet Design Consultant works closely with you to analyze your space and your needs.

Our Design Consultants then use remarkable 3-D software to create a virtual version of your space and demonstrate how your new closet organizers or storage system will actually look and function. It’s easy to make changes and see how they impact your system instantly.

Once your storage or closet design is finalized, you approve the project and production documents are passed on to our manufacturing centers where only the finest materials are used. From earth-friendly products to innovative accents and options, your California Closets storage system or closet organizers meet the highest standards of quality.

Installation—The Finishing Touch

Our promise of complete customer satisfaction extends to our expert installation teams—specialists at precision installation and committed to treating your home with care and respect.

  • Your scheduled California Closets installation begins with the installation team thoroughly protecting your walls and floors. Schematics of your custom closets, right down to the door handles, are used to guide the installation.
  • Once installation is complete, the entire closet or storage system is wiped down with a gentle cleanser, the work area is completely cleaned and any extra materials, pieces and parts are removed.
  • Your installers will give you a tour of your new closet or storage system and demonstrate any possible adjustments.
  • Your installation is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty and your installers will leave you with a detailed information packet, including a guide for making any future adjustments to your closet organizers or storage system.

National Resources, Local Touch

California Closets is a nationwide company of locally-owned showrooms. That means you enjoy all the benefits of working with a national brand along with the personal touch of a local company.

Our closet organizers and storage systems are manufactured here in North America, so delivery times are dramatically shorter than similar European storage products. And our local showrooms mean there’s always someone there to talk to if you have a question or a concern.

See For Yourself

We have more than 30 years of history behind us—and more than 30 years of satisfied customers. That’s why our name is synonymous with the highest quality closet systems and custom storage.

Discover how we help you get more out of home. And more out of life.

Start your own California Closets story—schedule your complimentary design consultation today.


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