California Closets Changes People’s Lives


The heart and soul of our company are our people. Installers, Production Teams, Sales Design Consultants, and positions throughout our company operations. We believe in you. We trust in you. We invest in you. Your growth and success is our growth and success.

At California Closets our people reflect different perspectives, life experiences and the world we all share. Diversity and inclusivity simply make us a better company and help us connect to each other and the customers we serve.

Differences make us stronger. Shared values make us family. Combine who you are with what you love to do. Find yourself a home at California Closets.

We’re California Closets and we’d love you to join our family.

Installation &
Production Technicians

They make the magic happen. They bring customers’ dream spaces to life with a mix of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and pride in their work.

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Our Sales & Design

The keepers of our most important relationships and joy-makers who believe there is real purpose in helping others design beautiful solutions.

When you work at California Closets, you’re building something bigger than yourself.

- Margaret W., Designer

I feel a sense of pride and joy knowing I am dealing with a nice product.

- Mark F., Installer

I believe I am here for a life purpose…it is very personal…I am making a change in people's lives and I get tons of satisfaction in improving and making a difference in people's lives.

- Kathy L., Veteran Designer

If we do not work together we are not getting anywhere. We are a team and family.

- Julio S., Installer


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