Recipe for Success: Helping Your Kids Eat Better During the Summer

I think we can all agree that if there are kids involved, summer is the most chaotic season by far.

With no classes to attend, no homework to finish, and nothing but blue skies and good weather, the tendency is for kids to run wild, play ball in the yard, dance in the sprinklers, and race around from sun up to sundown.

It's exhausting to think about!

With all that going on, it's difficult for a parent to keep kids hydrated and eating decent food in the middle of the day. The simplest way for kids to get some nourishment before dashing off again is to make it as easy as possible.

One easy way to steer kids in the right direction is to dedicate a drawer or two to parent-approved snacks. Stock up on things that you know your kids will eat that also satisfy nutritional requirements. Use a drawer divider and fill up each cubby with a different snack.

To go one step further, you can label each cubby with the type of snack it holds in order to make replenishment easier for you. Keep a pitcher of water and paper cups on the counter, too.

Let your kids know where they can go when they are hungry and they'll likely take care of themselves.

If things go well, you may not have to hear, "There's nothing to eat around here!" all summer long.

It might also help to put the cookies and candy out of reach!

Ginny Snook Scott is the Chief Design Officer at California Closets. She has over 25 years experience with California Closets and has helped over 1,000 clients create custom closets and organize their home. Connect with Ginny on Google+.