Cool Modern Vibe with LED lighting and lustrous hardware

A dramatic upgrade reimagined this 1970s closet.

California Closets Top 10 Designs of 2016 - Hollywood Hills Sleek

Design Consultant

Katharine Mills-Tierney

Katharine Mills-Tierney

What started out as a “day job” just to pay the bills quickly became my passion. This was not at all surprising because as a child I was constantly re-arranging my bedroom furniture to see what would work best. My instinct for spatial organization along with strong creative visualization skills honed from years as a stage performer and my technical knowledge honed from 20 plus years as a designer in this industry has given me the ability to find the solutions for each client’s space, large or small. Working with California Closets is a wonderful fit for me not only because of the many product offerings which allow my creativity to flourish, but also because the focus is first and foremost on improving the functionality and ease of use of my client’s spaces. Every day is about helping my clients “design a better life”. It is a fun and rewarding job.

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Describe the client and the style of his home. A well-regarded entrepreneur, this young client already had an eye for design. His striking Hollywood Hills home had a cool, modern vibe and he wanted his closet to reflect a similar style.

How did you collaborate to create the best possible outcome?  My goal was to incorporate inspiration my client drew from a famous Hollywood movie. Working with his interior designer as well, I presented a plan that would improve function and reflect similar cinematic visual impact with details such as LED lighting and lustrous hardware. I had to work carefully with room’s awkward layout and found a way to cleverly hide an existing access door on the back wall of the room by adding a mirrored door flanked with mirrors on the side walls to achieve a 3-way mirror effect. 

I enjoyed taking on the challenge of turning a space of odd angles and beams into a streamlined and upscale dressing room.

– Katharine Mills-Tierney, Designer

California Closets Top 10 Designs of 2016 - Hollywood Hills Sleek


How would you describe the final result? Transformative! The entire design process was successful and fun. This once dated space is now a dressing room with a WOW factor.

Describe how you designed a better life for this client. My client used to hate going into his old closet. Now it is one of his favorite rooms. He can enjoy getting ready for meetings and events, and preparing for trips. His closet is now a reflection of the success that he is enjoying in both his personal and professional life.

California Closets Top 10 Designs of 2016 Hollywood Hills Sleek

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