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Author and Design Blogger Anne Sage Creates an Office-Nursery Hybrid

client: Anne Sage

location: Los Angeles, CA

design consultant: Darlene Lillehaugen

Combo nursery and custom home office with a shelving system designed by California Closets

Custom home office with a nursery designed by California Closets makes room for a crib and additional accessories

What Anne Sage Wanted

Without a single room to dedicate to a nursery, Anne Sage — design blogger, Rue magazine co-founder, and author of Sage Living — had to get creative when preparing for her daughter’s arrival.

First, she identified three functional “baby zones” throughout her 800-square-foot house: a place for a bassinet, diaper changes, and clothing; another for a crib and nursing; and finally, a space for play.

For the crib and nursing area, she set out to convert half of the serene home office she designed with California Closets Los Angeles and that her husband, Ivan, uses as a daily workspace.

As for the second functional zone, it’s technically the second of our home’s two bedrooms—but we so recently completed the [California Closets] installation of [Ivan’s] desk and shelves that I was loath to replace that setup altogether!

Anne Sage
Custom home office with a shelving system designed by California Closets with a crib
Custom home office with a wall storage designed by California Closets

How California Closets did it

Anne moved out a pink leather daybed and moved in a modern, wood crib with a light finish that fits with the room’s clean lines and airy, white-washed aesthetic.

She also said goodbye to an artful collection of all-white books and filled the custom cubbies with more baby-appropriate goodies such as toys, stuffed animals, and pom pom storage bins to store swaddles and more playthings.

A curved, swivel chair for nursing and a trio of framed pastel prints completed the office-nursery hybrid Anne envisioned.

final result

There’s no labor of love quite like decorating a space to welcome a new baby! Each and every decor choice was one I poured my whole heart into.

Anne Sage

Organized and inviting, the room now successfully functions as a nursery and home office without any changes to the original custom desk, shelving, and cabinetry design.

Photo Credits:Monica Wang

Design Details



Additional Accessories:

Square fascia molding

Square base molding

Backing behind upper shelves

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