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A Fashion-Forward Room: 5 Ways to Make Your Closet a Style Statement

While your collection of clothing can make a serious fashion statement, the place in which you store your clothing can as well. Follow these five tips to transform your closet into a space that exudes sophistication and style. 1. Mix in luxurious materials: Add personality to your space with glass shelves and colorful or textured […] Read More

Tastemaker Q/A: Michelle Adams’ Home Office Bliss

When she’s not on location for photo shoots or soaking in inspiration on her many travels, creative consultant, Michelle Adams, masterfully tackles her projects in the comfort of her quaint home in Michigan.  With a newly reimagined home office that channels her cool and eclectic style, Michelle explains the importance of a functional and accessorized […] Read More

A Story for Every Space: Importance of Quality, Commitment and the Customer

Between the time a custom system is designed and then beautifully completed and revealed, there is an integral part of the process that deserves more spotlight—the installation. An exceptional client experience is paramount at California Closets and San Francisco installers Derrick Cole, Marvin Taylor and Jeremias Recinos take this responsibility very seriously. Always on the […] Read More

Experience the Before & After

We are dedicated to helping our clients live beautifully and harmoniously with all the things they love and need. By collaborating together, we can transform a space and change the way you live. Our new ad campaign illustrates the impact we have made in the lives and homes of our clients Read More

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