Client Stories:

A Cozy and Stylish Femme-Den Retreat

client: Martha Aldridge

location: Point Loma, CA

design consultant: Joanna Suero

A Cozy and Stylish Femme-Den Retreat
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What She Wanted

Fashion-forward Martha Aldridge wanted a space to work, relax and plan out her day, as well as a place where she could showcase precious items she's collected over the years. So, she decided to turn her extra bedroom into a dedicated "femme-den" retreat. Once the idea was planted, Martha began to share her vision with her neighbors, one of whom suggested she enlist California Closets for the project.

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How we did it

Working with design consultant Joanna Suero, who shared Aldridge's passion for this renovation, the spare room was transformed into a stunning retreat featuring classic lines and timeless accents. The existing closet was a reach-in with bi-fold doors, which were removed to create a wall-to-wall wardrobe system. The boutique-style design integrated perfectly with Aldridge’s writing desk, chaise lounge, antique mirror and armoire. The final look provides a functional workspace and increased storage, as well as a place to relax.

final result

Removing the bi-fold doors and replacing them with wardrobe cabinets, which created an exact spacing for my client's beautiful wardrobe, was my favorite element of this design.

The rich, finished look resulted in an exceptional femme den for Aldridge.

Design Details


Lago® Amaretto

Hardware & Accessories

Sliding shoe shelves

Garment rod

Glass doors

SCHAUB Oil-Rubbed Bronze specialty decorative hardware


Poles of varying heights

Purse shelves

Figurine shelf

5-piece traditional door fronts

Pull-out shelves

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