Learn How to Organize Your Home from our Expert Designers


California Closets Denver - Learn How to Organize Your Home from our Expert Designers

Are you trying to organize your home here in Denver? Unless you’re a professional organizer or designer, creating a beautiful, organized home can be somewhat of a challenge—even for the most aggressive of clean freaks. So, we’ve enlisted the help of our talented designers here at California Closets to give a few home organization tips that will make you less stressed and better able to enjoy what matters most, whether you live in Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Arvata or Westminster.

Walk-in Closets

What better way to organize and showcase all of your beloved possessions by transforming your extra room into a walk-in closet? Having a walk-in closet is one of the most effective ways to organize your space while adding luxury to your home. Installing designated shelves, jewelry drawer inserts, decorative hardware and glass shelves add a hint of glam, and a center island or bench seating area creates a welcoming atmosphere.  You’ll actually want to hang out in your closet!

California Closets Denver - Learn How to Organize Your Home from our Expert Designers

Entertainment Centers

Whether for the big game, family movie night, or a cozy evening at home, the entertainment center is a major part of relaxation and enjoyment. Built-in entertainment centers provide more space, and TV entertainment centers provide the ultimate media center for your family. Ideally, an entertainment center will give you an easy way to keep your devices untangled and uncluttered, and details such as custom cabinetry, shelving and lighting offer beautiful décor that will match the rest of your home. Plus extra drawers will discreetly store toys and miscellaneous items. Here are some entertainment center design ideas:

  • Floor to ceiling white slab doors make the entertainment center feel clean and sophisticated
  • Open shelving to display collectibles
  • Cubbies for extra storage
  • Push-to-open hardware for easy use
  • LED light doors for a modern touch

Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room: the oft-neglected area to shove your washer/dryer away so no one will see it. But before shunning away your poor appliances, have you ever thought about doubling your laundry room as a craft room? With so many ways to organize and beautify your space, you should be proud to show it off. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a counter area to fold laundry and linens
  • Implement baskets and bins to make sorting laundry easy
  • Install cabinetry and shelves to store laundry detergents, cleaning supplies and towels
  • Add pullout racks for linens and vertical shelf dividers for mops and brooms
  • Add a pullout ironing board that’s hidden
  • Install drawers and doors to provide concealed storage
California Closets Denver - Learn How to Organize Your Home from our Expert Designers

Home Office

Feeling distracted while trying to work from home? Or so overwhelmed by the clutter you just can’t concentrate? Your home office should be an area to focus, get inspired and relax. And most importantly, it should be clutter-free. Here are a few ideas to get in the working mode with smart office design:

  • Custom-designed bookshelves that store large or small collections
  • Counter surface that provides a workspace for collaboration
  • Lower desk cabinets to conceal office supplies and tech accessories
  • Upper storage cabinets allows easy access to supplies
  • A keyboard tray or sliding drawer that’s tucked away when not in use
  • Floating shelves to display collectibles
  • A Murphy bed solution to double the room as a guest room when friends and family are in town

Your desired home organization project is possible with the help of California Closets Denver. Schedule your expert design consultation that’s in-home and absolutely free, or visit our Lone Tree showroom or Cherry Creek Design Studio today. Get a better organized home here in Denver so you can focus on what matters most.

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