The proper lighting not only ensures easy visibility for your carefully stored items; it can be used to highlight favorite pieces in a collection, turning a storage space into a stunning focal point. 

We offer a complete product line to fit any of your lighting needs. Strip lighting, recessed mounted lighting, lit closet rods and cable channels are all available to enhance your custom storage solution. A variety of switch options are available as well, including hand sensors, door sensors, motion detectors, push switches and dimmers, putting an immaculately lit room well within reach.

Our lighting systems boast some truly revolutionary features:

  • Integrated controller: External control units are a thing of the past with the LED lighting system. The controller is integrated into the driver. The switch connects directly to the driver, removing the frustration of additional parts to order or misplace.
  • Puck Lights: These useful lights come in multiple finishes and can be surface mounted with different shapes to add interest to a display or they can be recessed with a low, out of sight profile.  Truly versatile, puck lights can be used in multiple locations throughout the home and can be customized to fit many different lighting needs from a soft, warm ambience in an entertainment system or a bright cool task light in a home office.  
  • LED Closet Rods: These are a universal favorite to brighten up any closet area and make it possible to see if that blazer you are about to grab is actually blue or black.  When used in combination with our puck lights, a dark closet is readily transformed into a beautiful, bright dressing area.
  • Illuminated Shelving: Create drama and unique ambience using new technology that catches light and illuminates the shelf from within. These shelves, complete with our stabilizing glass shelf supports, can be installed in any location. This makes for a truly customizable look and additionally ensures that all your personal effects are showcased safely.

With these fixtures and more at your disposal, a well-lit organizational system is truly within reach. We look forward to helping you strategize the new organization of your home. Sign up for a complimentary in-home design consultation today.