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Sartorial Spaces – Custom designs, luxurious materials and an organized approach combine for closets that impress.

Clean. Sleek. Organized. These are just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of a closet done well. With 2017 just starting, take advantage of the New Year to clear out clutter and create a space that showcases your sumptuous wardrobe and makes assembling an outfit a breeze each morning.

Building Basics

California Closets—with a showroom in Corona del Mar—is one company offering custom solutions. The process starts with an in-home design consultation to measure the space and discuss options with the client.

“Our job is to understand what are these clients’ needs and how can we streamline all of their wants to meet their needs,” says Heather Mancini, a local designer with California Closets. “The most important thing is knowing their personality and lifestyle and their habits, routines and, of course, [clothing] inventory.”

Next, the designer uses a computer program to create a 3-D virtual model of the proposed closet. If clients want any changes, the plan can be tweaked until it’s perfect—down to the finishes, lighting and accessories—before installation.

California Closets Orange County: Sartorial Spaces - Fashion Blogger Walk In Closet

Seating is also an important factor: Depending on space, this could be in the form of a vanity and chair, a built-in cushioned bench, chaise lounge or cushy armchair. Seating can come in handy when pondering possible outfits and it can also provide a place to perch while a stylist works his or her sartorial magic before a gala or party.

“[The client] … can sit comfortably while the stylists pull out outfits and might even hang them on an extra clothing bar for them to say ‘Yes, I like that’ or ‘No, I don’t like that,’ ” Goddard says. “Also, for shoes, seating is huge. I can’t tell you.

Bringing it all Together

A closet should be tailored to fit your needs. Every detail, from the placement of each element to the materials used, should have a reason behind it, whether that’s aesthetics or functionality. Business professionals might request to have everything exposed in the closet so that shoes and other items can be quickly grabbed and packed for frequent work trips. Or, a client who isn’t home much due to traveling might want their handbags safely stored behind glass doors to protect from dust.

California Closets Orange County: Sartorial Spaces - Fashion Blogger Walk In Closet

Once a closet is organized, getting dressed in the morning becomes less of a hassle, which helps set the tone for whatever lies ahead.

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Excerpt from article originally published in Newport Beach Magazine | Written By Connie K. Ho | February/March 2017


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