HBF Hero: Darci Fredricks of California Closets Portland


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California Closets Portland was recognized at the 2016 Builders Ball as Home Builders Foundation Company of the Year and Owner Darci Fredricks as an HBF Hero.



Through HomeAid, their shelter development program, Home Builders Foundation has built and renovated over 40,000 square feet of shelter space and transitional housing space since 2005. Valued at over $4 million, these transitional housing facilities serve over 500 homeless men, women, youth, families with children, and domestic violence survivors each year. An extraordinary $1.6 million of the total value of these projects has been donated by the members of the Home Builders Association of Metro Portland (HBAMP) and others in the home building industry, including California Closets of Portland.

HBF Hero: Darci Fredricks of California Closets Portland

“Darci and California Closets not only sponsor HBF fundraising events, but have also donated over $15,000 in labor and materials to HBF shelter projects. We are thrilled with their support”
— Brenda Ketah, HBF Project Manager

“The award from HBF has generated more interest and excitement on our team than franchise of the year did. That makes me feel good, that my team cares more about what we do in the community than necessarily how we are seen/perform within our industry”
— Darci Fredricks, Chief Culture Officer, California Closets


California Closets Portland was recognized at the 2016 Builders Ball as Home Builders Foundation Company of the Year as well as Franchise of the Year from California Closets. HBF recently sat down and got to know a little more about Darci Fredricks, Chief Culture Officer & Owner of California Closets Portland and Foundation Hero.

Tell us about yourself (What you do, how you got started in the business, etc.)

I started with California Closets Just over 12 years ago in Minneapolis. MN and have had the opportunity to work with exceptional people in all areas of our business. I moved to Portland in 2014 because the personality of the city Is sight In alignment with my love for outdoors and participating in community activities.

How did you get involved In the Home Builders Foundation? What keeps you involved?

The types of organizations the HBF supports are organizations that have helped my family through tough times, such as women’s shelters and substance support homes. Everyone that puts in personal effort to have a shelter over their families head should be supported to have that basic need. If can do something through my business to help someone feel more ‘at home’, that keeps me motivated to be involved.

What is a fun fact about you that not everyone knows?

By the age of 26 I had moved well over 50 times in my life, so I’m highly adaptable to new situations. Fortunately I’ve found a great home to stay for a long time here In Portland!

What is your favorite hobby?

I used to play Ultimate Frisbee competitively (yet), real sport!) but now I prefer a great hike or curling up with a book.

Thanks again for being our ‘Hero’, we appreciate you!

Originally posted on HBA News | January 2017


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