5 Closet Mistakes to Avoid

California Closets Philadelphia - 5 Closet Mistakes to Avoid

Here in Philadelphia, it’s easy to be tight on closet space; therefore, your closet may be a jumbled mess. In order to keep a clean closet, follow the advice below so you don’t make these common mistakes in your home.

  1. Relying on a “traditional closet”

Most closets aren’t that fancy – they come with a hanging rod, and maybe a few shelves. In order to truly get organized before your clothing items find their home on the floor, it’s important to come up with a closet system.

California Closets Philadelphia - Milano Reach-in Closet with Doors

A closet system is a group of closet accessories that work together to best organize your items, whether in the bedroom or the garage. Accessories such as custom cabinetry, multiple hanging racks, shelving and drawers, shoe storage, shelf dividers and jewelry drawer dividers will not only store your items, but provide a beautiful place for them to be stored or displayed.

  1. Not taking advantage of wall space

When most people think of storage, they think out, not up. Installing a Fusion Track Wall System is a great way to store rakes or bikes in the garage or ties, belts and scarves in the closet so that you have a designated, easily visible place to store your miscellaneous items. Take advantage of corners too, so that no space is left where you can store items.

  1. Missing out on lighting

Lighting can greatly enhance the overall feel and design of your closet. Spotlight lighting showcases shoes, accessories or artwork and gives the closet a boutique feel. Lighting in drawers and shelves also help you see better at night, and LED lighting will keep your energy bills down.

California Closets Philadelphia - Attic Custom Closet

  1. Maximizing your space

When it comes to smaller spaces, people often don’t utilize all the space they already have. Wall space, corners and more should be taken advantage of to install closet accessories such as cabinetry, shelving, multiple hanging racks and more to store all of your items. This way, no item will be left on the floor, period.

  1. Doing everything yourself

It can be a big undertaking trying to get your closet organized. Call on the experts at California Closets Philadelphia to help you. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been transforming closets, storage spaces and more for nearly four decades. Schedule your complimentary expert design consultation or visit our Philadelphia or King of Prussia showroom to get acquainted with the team and to find out more.

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