Space Saving Solutions with Custom Cabinets

California Closets Monterey - Space Saving Solutions with Custom Cabinets

Are you tight on space here in Monterey? This common issue doesn’t have to mean you have no space for storage or to keep your home tidy. In fact, the smaller the space, the more crucial it is to have a well organized home. Our small spaces organization solutions will help homeowners who live in the greater Monterey area: Pebble Beach, Salinas, San Ardo, Sand City, Sand Lucas, Seaside, Soledad and Spreckles, finally find the room to organize all of their beloved items.

California Closets Monterey - Space Saving Solutions with Custom Cabinets

Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room is a brilliant idea for those who want it all. Need a guest room but don’t want to sacrifice having a living area or home office? You can have both. A Murphy bed is an expert space saving solution that folds up and into the wall so that by daytime, you can use the space for whatever you want. Custom cabinets are integrated in the Murphy bed solution so that either you or guests can store items while the area stays clean.


A reach-in closet is the best way to save space while providing exceptional organization for your clothes and accessories. Requiring a combination of high function and bedroom design aesthetic, drawers, shelves, inserts, differing heights of hanging rods, and other options give clothing, shoes, and accessories a home that is organized and easily accessible. A wardrobe is a freestanding closet that moves with you, incorporating all of the same organizational elements as a reach-in closet. What’s more, the beautiful customized design details provide you with a gorgeous piece of furniture you’ll have for life.

California Closets Monterey - Space Saving Solutions with Custom Cabinets


The garage is a great place for storage. Why? Because more often than not, you’re the only one accessing it. Custom storage cabinetry in the garage takes into mind your quantity of storage and your design tastes for a beautiful look. Holiday décor, tools, sporting and gardening equipment and other items can easily find a home in the deep storage cabinets, drawers, shelves and baskets. Take advantage of every square inch by utilizing precious wall space.

Get more out of your home with space saving solutions from California Closets Monterey. Visit our Carmel showroom or schedule your complimentary expert design consultation.  Get organized here in Monterey once and for all and better enjoy what the area has in store for you.

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