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California Closets St. Louis - Designer Tips on Home Organization

Are you overwhelmed with your lack of space in your home due to clutter? We often see this problem in St. Louis. With busy family lives and hectic work schedules, it’s no wonder most people don’t have the time or energy to organize their homes. Luckily, the expert designers from California Closet have made it their career to transform people’s closets, storage space and more. Below are three crucial tips to organize your home for good – no matter what size or shape it’s in.

  1. Implement a Closet System

  2. California Closets St. Louis - Kid's Closet System

They say for something to work efficiently, it needs to have a system. This goes for your home, too. A closet system is a group of smart closet accessories to best organize your home. For example, a pantry closet system provides efficient and functional design in the kitchen, allowing you to easily reach every item stocked away. More closet systems include:

  • Mudroom – With hanging rods for coasts and outwear and closed drawers tucked away for items you want concealed, an home entryway closet system changes the experience of entering – and exiting – your home.
  • Home Office – A smart home office system encourages productivity by providing a clutter-free space that inspires creativity.
  • Murphy Bed System – A Murphy bed system makes your extra room or home office multifunctional, providing an extra sleeping space when you need it.
  1. Install Custom Storage Cabinets

  2. California Closets St. Louis - Entertainment Center and Storage

Whether for the garage or the bedroom, custom cabinetry is the best way to maximize space by concealing the most storage as possible.

  • Garage – Custom-designed cabinetry, drawers, shelves and specialty racks create a purposeful room for efficiently storing tools, sports equipment, keepsakes, and holiday decorations – maintaining order and making organization simple.
  • Kitchen – A pantry system requires organization achieved through excellent functional design. Shelving, drawers, and baskets combine to accommodate specific needs and uses, ensuring accessibility and order in a space where items are continually removed and replaced.
  • Entertainment Center – Yes, storage can be possible even in the living area! Adaptable storage features and technology management provide simple utility. Custom cabinetry, shelving, and lighting offer a look of beautiful furniture – creating harmony with the rest of the home.
  1. Install Closet Accessories

  2. California Closets St. Louis - Walk-In Closet Shoe Storage

When it comes to the closet, homeowners can use all the help they can get. Whether you have an expansive walk-in closet or a compact reach-in closet, installing closet accessories will help organize your items, no matter how big or small.

  • Shoe storage – Create an incredible shoe display with cubbies, shoe fences or shelving.
  • Drawer and Shelf Dividers – Clothing dividers, cleverly designed for both drawers and shelves, keep your socks organized from your shirts.
  • Jewelry Drawer Dividers – Showcase and store your more cherished accessories, elevating your morning routine.
  • Hampers and Baskets – Discreetly stow away dirty clothes and miscellaneous items with pullout hampers and baskets.
  • Hooks and Racks – Hang purses, scarves and jackets with greater ease.

Get started today on your home organization project by contacting the California Closets St. Louis team, or by visiting our Manchester or Rock Hill showroom today. You’ll receive an expert design consultation right in your home to go over your unique space, budget and style. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been the leader in storage and closet design for nearly four decades.

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