California Closets San Antonio – Simplify Your Home

California Closets San Antonio - Simplify Your Home

With minimalism coming back full swing, it’s refreshing and stress reliving to downsize your items (as in getting rid of or storing them better), in order to have a less cluttered, clear space in your home. Our design team from California Closets put together the best ways to organize your home with storage solutions that work here in San Antonio, Canyon Lake Area, Wimberley, or San Marcos.

A Space-Saving Garage Storage System

California Closets San Antonio - Garage Storage System

Although many people neglect their garages or use them as an unofficial “junk drawer” we at California Closets believe the garage is a vital extension of your home. Take advantage of all the space you have by getting your things in order. Custom storage cabinetry conceals everything from gardening tools to sporting equipment to holiday décor, and drawers and baskets store items that are used more frequently. A Fusion Track Wall system stores bikes, rakes, and more to keep everything off of the floor and out of the way.


A great way to store outdoor gear is right when you walk in the door with a mudroom. Well-designed hanging space, shelving, hardware and sitting areas create organization and efficiency—without sacrificing style – in a transitional area of the home. Keep shoes, purses and keys in their designated space so you save time and stress searching for them before having to be somewhere.

Laundry Room Storage

California Closets San Antonio - Laundry Room Storage System

To keep a better-organized laundry room and extra space to store household items, a custom cabinetry system can be put into place to keep everything tidy. Baskets and bins make sorting laundry easy, cabinets and shelves store detergents, cleaning supplies or other items for the home, pullout racks for linens and vertical shelf dividers for mops, brooms and cleaning supplies organize often-used items and doors and drawers provide concealed storage to things you don’t want shown.

Kitchen Pantry System

If most of your storage involves things around your kitchen, a custom pantry system is a great way to organize your pots, pans, ingredients, wine and more. Shelving, drawers, and baskets combine to accommodate specific needs and uses, ensuring accessibility and order in a space where items are continually removed and replaced. Sliding storage shelves allow for easy access to canned goods, while vertical shelf dividers organize everything beautifully. Pantry drawers are spaced further apart, providing a better view of their contents. Drawers conceal utensils and cooking equipment, as well as snacks to make provisions easily accessible for children.

Reach-In Closet System

California Closets San Antonio - Reach-In Closet System

For maximum closet storage that’s packed in a small space, a reach-in closet is a brilliant design. Combining high function and bedroom design aesthetic, drawers, shelves, inserts, differing heights of hanging rods and other options give clothing, shoes and accessories a home that is organized and easily accessible.

Whatever your budget is, we have a solution for you at >California Closets. All of our projects start from scratch and our designers work with all clients one-on-one. Schedule your complimentary in-home expert design consultation to get started, or visit our San Antonio showroom. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been a leader in the storage and closet design industry for nearly four decades.

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