How to Create the Ultimate Home Office


California Closets Rochester - How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

With more and more people working from home nowadays  (or for all you budding entrepreneurs), having a home office is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. Create a home office that inspires you, keeps you focused and of course, organized. The designers from California Closets Rochester put together several design ideas to create your ultimate home office space.

Think about the Space You Want to Create

Before building anything – think about what kind of space you want to have. Are you a creative individual who needs an open, collaborative studio? Or are you usually on the phone and need a quiet office space to work? Whatever your goals are, there are plenty of options.

California Closets Rochester - Custom Home Office

Once you’ve figured out what kind of office you want to have, it’s time to think about organizational accessories to put in your space. Ideas include:

  • Custom-designed bookshelves store large or small collections.
  • Counter surface provides a workspace for collaboration.
  • Lower desk cabinets conceal home office supplies and technology, corralling cord clutter.
  • Upper storage cabinets allow for easy access to supplies.
  • A keyboard tray or sliding drawer can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Floating shelves display collectibles.

If you’re tight on space, consider creating a multipurpose room. Whether a guest room or bedroom, a Murphy bed solution is ideal so you have a bed to sleep in at night and an office to work in during the day. The Murphy bed is a brilliant, simple solution where the bed folds up and into the wall when not in use. The easy pull-down mechanism provides a comfortable bed at night, equipped with custom cabinetry such as an end table, desk or nightstand, all designed to match the aesthetic of your home. A side-tilt wall bed option is available for more of a space-saving solution, or a traditional wall bed is available for room on both sides of the bed.

Home Office Style

California Closets Rochester - Custom Home Office

From the lighting to the desk finish, your style needs to reflect you in order for you to truly feel creative, productive and at home. With every different type of working style out there, we’ve crafted up some ideas to feed your office design inspiration:

  • Venice Beach Home Office – A perfect blend of open space and plenty of storage, this home office system provides organization with a modern twist. Cashmere slab doors and drawer fronts complement concrete floors and lofted spaces.
  • Simon Convertible Office – Delivering the best of two rooms, this system offers a polished space to work and a hidden bed for guests. A side-tilt wall bed saves space and puck lighting illuminates the office.
  • Family Workspace – From lunch meetings to homework, this home office is made for the entire family. With working and relaxing zones all in the same room, this system allows for productivity and comfort with multiple workstations.
  • Nashville Live/Workspace – Monochromatic color palette and proper accent lighting elevate a home office to a relaxing gathering space. Recycled leather veneer back panels add contrast and interest to bookcase lighted cubbies.
  • Napa Library – Custom shelving creates storage and displays books in this elegant library that doubles as a home office. Window benches provide additional seating and Modern Fascia top detail enhances the warm furniture-like look.

If you’re ready to buckle down and get productive, it’s time to call the Rochester California Closets team, or stop by the Rochester showroom today. Receive your complimentary expert design consultation at home, and get one-on-one expert advice about building your dream home office.

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