Simplify Your Storage with these Easy Solutions


California Closets KC - Simplify Your Storage with these Easy Solutions

When it comes to storage, people often feel overwhelmed or at a loss. Here in Kansas City, having a clean, organized home is key for entertaining and for maintaining a tranquil home, whether you live in Avondale, Gladstone, Kearney, Liberty, North Kansas City, Parkville, Riverside or Paola. Below are simple solutions you can make to any storage are in your home.

Storage Cabinets

Custom-designed cabinetry, drawers, shelves, and specialty racks create a purposeful room for effectively storing your items. Their main purpose is to get things off the floor and discreetly stored away. Here’s a closer look at storage cabinets:

California Closets KC - Laundry Room Storage System

  • Deep custom-designed cabinetry holds everything from seasonal items to sporting tools
  • Durable drawers hold smaller items such as nails and screws
  • Baskets help store smaller items such as papers, gardening tools or sporting equipment

Pantry System

California Closets KC - Pantry Storage System

The kitchen is the heart of the home – especially for those who enjoy cooking and entertaining. You want a clutter-free space where you know where everything is. A customized pantry system will transform your kitchen into a beautiful, organized space where every item can be easily placed and retrieved. Here are some ideas for smart storage:

  • Pantry drawer inserts will separate coffees, teas, utensils and more
  • Pantry pullout baskets will give you easy access to foods or supplies
  • Wine & Stemware Storage will beautifully display your wine collection and allow you to entertain with ease

Closet Storage

California Closets KC - Walk Through Wardrobe System

Organizing your closet is often the most difficult for people—it’s hard to properly find a place for all of your items. But with great design, you’ll get ready in the morning with a sense of calm and happiness with a beautiful, functional closet or bedroom storage solution.  Closet systems and closet organizers are the answer when it comes to effectively storing your items and maximizing space. Some popular closet accessories include:

  • Shoe Storage – Display your collection beautifully
  • Drawer and Shelf Dividers – Keep your t-shirts separate from your socks
  • Jewelry Drawer Dividers – Give your jewelry and heirlooms the treatment they deserve
  • Hooks and Polls – Hang bags, hats and scarves
  • Hampers & Baskets – Have an optional pullout solution for keeping your dirty clothes and accessories separate

Garage Storage

California Closets KC - Garage Accessories

The garage is often a neglected area. However, we believe it’s a great space to utilize as an extension of your home. Whether you need a space for your tools, outdoor equipment, crafts or all of the above, there are plenty of solutions.

  • Garage storage cabinets – store away everything you don’t want seen with beautiful cabinetry
  • Fusion Trak Wall System – Keep bikes, auto equipment and gardening tools off the floor and out of the way
  • Baskets – Store balls, gloves, and miscellaneous items where you can see them

Playroom Storage

Did you ever think about using your kids’ playroom as a valuable storage area? Toy storage should be simple and easy. Cabinetry, drawers, shelving, baskets and cubbies make for easy access and cleanup.  Here’s a closer look at how you can effectively store toys and more in the playroom:

  • Drawers and baskets make it easy to clean up after playtime
  • Window seat shelving creates a perfect reading nook with storage underneath
  • Pullout baskets are ideal for toys of all shapes and sizes
  • Integrated desks create a space for homework with optional storage within the desk
  • Shelving keeps items off the floor and out of the way
  • Cubbies are a great way to display cool toys while having their designated space

Mudroom Storage

California Closets KC - Mudroom Storage System

Have you ever thought about integrating storage in the entryway of your home? A mudroom is the perfect place to store your shoes, umbrellas, jackets, bags and sporting gear. Well-designed hanging spaces, shelving, hardware and sitting areas create organization and efficiency. Designated cubbies and small storage areas are great for kids’ shoes.

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