Reclaim Your Garage Space in Five Steps


California Closets Dayton - Reclaim Your Garage Space in Five Steps

Do you feel completely out of control when it comes to your garage? You’re not alone. The California Closets team has recognized this problem, and was up to the challenge of creating the best solutions for homeowners in Dayton, Greater Knoxville, Chattanooga, East Tennessee, Memphis, Goodlettsville, Alcoa, Farragut, Maryville or Clinton so that they have the most functional, organized and beautiful garage to store everything imaginable. Below are five steps to help with your garage transition.

  1. Get rid of anything you don’t need

First thing’s first: get rid of all the items you no longer use or need. This may not exactly be a fun process, but once you have about a third of your items gone, it will be that much easier to work with.

  1. Envision what you want to use your garage for

Do you want to simply clear out space for your cars, or do you want to go so far as to conduct projects in your garage? Once you have a clear goal in mind, it’s that much easier to design a blueprint of what you want and need.

  1. Install custom storage cabinets
  2. California Closets Dayton - Garage Storage Cabinets

The easiest way to get organized is to install custom storage cabinetry. Cabinets, drawers, shelves, and specialty racks create a purposeful room for efficiently storing tools, sports equipment, keepsakes and holiday decorations.

  • Deep custom-designed garage storage cabinets store everything from seasonal décor to sporting goods to tools.
  • Durable drawers hold smaller items, including workshop accessories such as nails, screws, and sandpaper.
  • Baskets provide easy access to items that are often needed, like baseball gloves and balls or gardening supplies.
  1. Get crafty
  2. California Closets Dayton - Garage Workbench and Storage

If you envision having a space for projects, a workbench is a great option. Versatile storage options, including cabinets and a Fusion Track Wall System, organize often-used tools and equipment for easy use. A personalized and integrated workspace maximizes efficiency and square footage.

  • A Fusion Track Wall System displays tools and equipment, keeping items needed regularly in close reach without sacrificing counter space.
  • A work counter provides ample space for gardening or working on projects.
  • Baskets can be designated to hold drop cloths, garden supplies, or objects for recycling.
  • Custom cabinetry holds items for your hobby and gardening needs, as well as necessary tools.
  • California Closets Dayton - Garage Accessories Wall

  1. Contact the pros to help

Of course, doing this all by yourself can be a daunting task. Enlist the help of the professionals at California Closets Dayton. You’ll receive a complimentary in-home expert design consultation to discuss your unique budget and goals. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been transforming homes’ organization and design aesthetic for nearly four decades.

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