Create Your Dream Kitchen with Functional Storage Options


California Closets Columbia - Create Your Dream Kitchen with Functional Storage Options

Whether for entertaining guests or for your own sanity, having a highly organized, beautiful kitchen will transform meal prepping and entertaining. The designers from California Closets put together tips and tricks for homeowners living in Columbia for a more functional kitchen system.

Establish a Pantry System

California Closets Columbia - Pantry Storage System

The first step is to envision your kitchen – what does it look like? A customized pantry system will give you the function and style needed to organize all of your ingredients, dishware and utensils beautifully.

  • Sliding storage shelves allow for easy access to canned goods, while vertical shelf dividers organize everything beautifully.
  • Pantry drawers are specially designed to be spaced further apart, providing a better view of their contents. Our drawers feature dovetail construction, undermount slides, and quiet soft close mechanisms to ensure superior quality and a lifetime of use.
  • Drawers conceal utensils and cooking equipment, as well as snacks to make provisions easily accessible for children.
  • Wine racks and stemware holders cleverly store bottles and glassware.
  • Counter area creates a space for food preparation.
  • Pullout racks for linens and vertical shelf dividers for mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies organize often-used items.

To take organization a step further, providing accessories within your main accessories will organize your teas, stemware and more with greater ease.

California Closets Columbia - Pantry Accessories

Pantry Drawer Inserts & Accessories

Food prep and storage become a breeze with smart accessories that make your pantry more efficient.

  • Drawer dividers provide a perfect place for odd-size items like snacks and cooking utensils.
  • Shelf dividers separate small appliances and other necessities to keep storage space neat and uncluttered.

Pantry Baskets

Pullout baskets give you easy access to anything from root vegetables to linens.

  • By keeping items visible, baskets provide necessary sight lines to things you use often.
  • A variety of finishes ensures a unified design.

Wine & Stemware Storage

California Closets Columbia - Wine Bar Storage System

Integrated wine rack and stemware storage can create the perfect home for any collection and maximize kitchen storage.

  • The wine X solution makes storing your favorite bottles effortless and visually appealing.
  • The durable and elegant stemware system features heavy gauge wire construction and hidden mounting.

Get started on your own pantry system today by contacting the California Closets Columbia team. You’ll receive a complimentary in-home expert design consultation to discuss your unique goals and budget. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been transforming homes for nearly four decades across the country.

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