Storage Solutions to Tackle Your Out of Season Wardrobe

California Closets Baltimore - Storage Solutions to Tackle Your Out of Season Wardrobe

To keep things fresh and organized, it’s important to go through your closet space every season and get rid of items you no longer wear, as well as prepare for the season ahead. Below, the design experts from California Closets Baltimore put together solutions to tackle your out-of-season wardrobe here in Baltimore, Rockville, Mt. Airy, Frederick, Lutherville, Montgomery, Howard or Prince George’s County.

Seasonal Purge

California Closets Baltimore - Custom Walk-In Closet System

Just as the leaves begin to fall or as the flowers begin to bloom, conduct a seasonal purge of your closet. Go through every single item in your closet: shirts, ties, shoes and jewelry, and get rid of anything you no longer wear. This will immediately free up storage space and eliminate clutter. When you go through your seasonal purge, have a trash bag ready that can be donated when you’re done.

Clean Your Clothes

Let’s say it’s fall and you want to get rid of your summer outfits. First, clean them, before storing them away. Once they’re dry, roll t-shirts and put them together, as well as summer dresses, lightweight tops and more. Containing them in storage bins or pullout drawers underneath your hanging areas is a good idea so you know exactly where they are. Installing custom cabinetry in your closet will help keep everything in your closet, so you don’t have to search through your garage later in the year.

Hang the Season’s Clothes

If it’s fall, it’s time to get out the sweaters and jeans and hang everything according to type. Let it air out if the clothing has been in storage. Send any heavy jackets and coats to be dry-cleaned if they’ve been sitting in storage for months. Once you’re ready to hang, hang clothing together, such as t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and so on. Create a showroom ambiance so that it elevates your morning and evening routine.

Swap Out Your Accessories

California Closets Baltimore - Custom Walk-In Closet System

If there are bags you only use in the summer or shoes you only wear in the winter, make sure you have the season’s appropriate accessories out, and the rest stored. Think of your closet as a high-end boutique. What would you want to sell and make appealing?

In order to properly store everything, installing custom cabinetry, drawers and shelving into your closet is helpful. This way, you won’t have to stuff it into boxes to be stored in a musty garage or attic. You want your clothes to stay fresh all year round, no matter where they’re stored.

To reorganize your closet to accommodate for the seasons, get the experts’ help at California Closets Baltimore . You’ll receive an expert design consultation for free right in your home. Or visit our Annapolis showroom today.

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