Three Tips to Maximize Your Closet Capacity

California Closets Albany - Three Tips to Maximize Your Closet Capacity

Whether you live in downtown Manhattan or the suburbs of Albany, having a tight space for your closet is quite common. Luckily, there are easy ways to rectify this with simple storage solutions to maximize space and boost your closet’s organization potential, whether you live in Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Latham, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Vermont.

    1. Clear out Clutter

California Closets Albany - Walk-Through Wardrobe Unit

First and foremost, you want to go through an initial purge and then a seasonal purge to go through your items. What clothing items or accessories do you no longer wear (or hardly wear) that you could do without? Donate or discard. If it’s summer, store your sweaters, wool socks and winter wear in a separate storage area to free up space.

    1. Determine a Closet System

California Closets Albany - Walk-In Closet System

A closet system acts at a blueprint for your new closet design, no matter what size, shape or room your closet is in. Do you want to create a walk-in closet for all of your items, or perhaps you’re short on space and a reach-in closet would be more appropriate? Instantly create more space in your reach-in or wardrobe closet with multiple hanging areas, shelving, drawers, and even a slat wall system to hang accessories on the wall rather than piling it on the floor.

    1. Add in the Accessories

California Closets Albany - Walk-In Closet System

To organize every shirt, tie and scarf, install custom closet accessories. These include: shoe shelving, drawer and shelf dividers, pullout racks and accessories, hampers and baskets and jewelry drawer dividers. This will not only organize everything – it will finally give all of your clothing and accessory items a permanent home, so you never have to worry about wasting time searching for that missing sock.

To get one-on-one help to discuss your custom closet, contact the California Closets Albany team. You’ll receive a complimentary in-home expert design consultation to discuss your unique budget and goals. Featured on Houzz, California Closets has been transforming homes across the country for nearly four decades. Visit our Latham showroom to learn more.

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