5 Garage Organization Tips You Should Know

Light Wood Garage with Cabinets Tool Rack Work Space and Hanging Rack Storage

The garage is an extension of the home, but it’s easy to neglect because you may not spend much time in it. However, with the right personalized storage solution, your garage can be as well-designed and as functional as the rest of your house.

To get started on transforming this multi-use room, here’s how to determine which storage solutions best fit your unique needs.

Evaluate your needs: First pinpoint exactly what you need to organize. People often need zones in their garages for general tools, sports equipment, car care supplies, holiday décor and gardening supplies. Within these categories, you may want just general storage, or you may choose to incorporate a prep area for, say, wrapping holiday gifts or potting plants. If you have a family, and your home doesn’t have a mudroom, consider installing lockers or specialized storage for each family member. This will help keep winter coats and other bulky, person-specific items organized.

Anchor the space with built-in cabinets: Cabinets can organize a wide variety of items, including extra files, sports equipment and more. With everything hidden away, you can minimize clutter and streamline the overall look of the space. Adjustable shelves within the cabinets allow you to store large and small items alike.


Utilize vertical space: You probably have at least two walls that can be used to get items off the ground. Use slat walls, racks, hooks, baskets and bins to organize things such as drills and hammers or ski boots and bikes.


Add in custom shelves: Store boxes, flower pots, luggage and more with customized shelving that fits your needs. Go high with items you don’t need to regularly access (such as holiday decor) and use the space below for hanging items you use often.

Incorporate storage details: To make the most out of your space, use a magnetic strip for drill bits and small tools that can easily get lost in drawers. Be sure to label closed cabinets to ensure continued garage organization systems in right way. You might even consider covering door fronts with chalkboard paint for quick labeling that you can change when needed. Also, use clear storage, such as jars and bins, for small items such as nails and screws.

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