Light Grey Stand Alone Closet With Shelves Drawers Closet Rods and Built in Lighting


There is something to be said for an organized closet—one where everything has its right, proper place. Unfortunately, actually keeping a closet well-maintained is easier said than done. Whether your closet space is vast or confined, the temptation to just throw your stuff in there and then forget about it is all too real—and when you give into that temptation, it’s not long before your closet devolves into chaos and clutter.

Family room white floor-to-ceiling custom shelving system with cubbies, cabinets, shelves, and custom lighting by California Closets

There are some major drawbacks to this, too.

  • Having a chaotic and cluttered closet space means you’re not really making the best possible use of your home’s precious square footage.
  • A messy closet also means that you may have a hard time finding the things you need; accessibility becomes severely compromised.
  • A messy closet can lead to stress, tension, and anxiety. Simply put, clutter robs you of your peace of mind.
  • Finally, a chaotic closet can very quickly wash out into the rest of your home, the mess spreading to your bedroom, your living spaces, and beyond.

The bottom line: Keeping your closet organized and orderly is critical. One way to do so is with a closet system. California Closets is a proud Columbus closet system designer. We’ll work with you to show you all the different options you have for shelving and cabinets, custom lighting, and a range of styles to match your home’s aesthetic.

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