Local Columbus California Closets Giving Back

Local Columbus California Closets Giving Back

California Closets and the Center for Family Safety and Healing get together to create a great space for survivors.

The Center for Family Safety and Healing through Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is a one-stop, coordinated response to family violence for individuals and families through partnerships with law enforcement, child protective services, prosecutors and a wide range of community resources. They also provide education, advocacy and ongoing research for victims of violence and abuse.

They are a dedicated team and are very excited about expanding the services offered to the community. One of these services is the addition of a Resource Room to give families a place to “shop” for shoes and clothing. The clothing and shoes have been generously donated by several supporters.

As of now, the Resource Room (the size of a small office) has a few large, bulky filing cabinets which make it difficult and somewhat uncomfortable for families to look through the items they have to offer as they must rummage through piles to find what they need. The goal is to provide a comfortable room, dividing clothing by size and gender so families can easily locate and take home these much-needed items.

This is where California Closets was able to step in. We were able to help create a space that is welcoming and organized for the families that need these resources.

California Closets is locally owned by Stephanie and Juan Antunez. The Antunez’s enjoy donating time and materials to great causes. When Mrs. Antunez was asked to help out she didn’t hesitate. “Helping survivors of family violence is an honor.” She said, “When we are able to help such great causes it is our duty as members of the community to do our best.”

California Closets created a design that helps organize the space and gives families the ability to quickly choose what they need and continue the healing process.

For more information please contact:
Wendy Clawson
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
California Closets
Northern & Central Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
C: 216.645.7050
F: 216.741.9064

California Closets Columbus & the Center for Family Safety and Healing

California Closets Columbus & the Center for Family Safety and Healing

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