Craft Room Ideas: Improve Your Creative Haven

There's definitely a lot to be said for creating a craft storage room all at once: you identify the problem, come up with the solution, and execute your plan -- knowing that at the end of the project, your craft storage room will be 100% complete. But at California Closets, we recognize that that's not always an option. You're putting so much effort into other components of your work and home life, that other tasks (and other rooms) might take precedent over creating your own personal space for craft-making.


Here's the good news: Your craft storage room doesn't have to go from zero to sixty in just a few seconds. The bad news is that if you start the craft storage room project and get distracted, you may never finish it. Here is a 5-step approach to getting the job done -- slowly, but surely.

  1. Find your dumping zone. Where do your crafts end up, simply by default? Is it in the laundry room? The basement? The far corner of the den? Chances are, that may be the best space for your craft storage. There may be a reason your supplies are all gravitating towards that spot.
  1. Start with a flat surface. It's all good and well to have storage for your craft tools, but the most important thing is a place to sit down and actually work. Warning! Don't stop here for too long; your flat surface will soon become just another ""dumping ground,"" and the thought of organizing it may overwhelm you.
  1. Now it's time to think about storage. Take a quick craft storage inventory: take of all of your craft items and categorize them into two piles: tools you use the most often, and those you can put aside. Everything in the latter category should go inside of something (drawer, cabinet) and all in the former should be placed inside of something see-through (clear containers, eye-level shelving). Remember! Make as much as possible ""grabbable,"" that is, close enough to your work area so that you don't have to get up and walk over to get it.
  1. Make it pretty. What's a craft room idea that's not, well, crafty? Fun tip: Get a colorful cutting board for your table that matches the room's existing theme and accents. Pick up a few aesthetic touches from your local craft store, like clips, pencils, and pin cushions.
  1. Introduce your room dedicated to craft storage to the family, as if it were a precious, long lost friend. Expressing to your family how important and personal this space is to you will help them remember to keep it tidy after use.


California Closets offers a number of craft room ideas, including independent drawers and compartments and slat board wall treatments for handy storage of frequently used items.

Our high gloss door and drawer finish reflects light to keep your room feeling bright, bringing both color and refinement to your craft storage room.

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