Wine Storage

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Wine Storage

For the wine connoisseur, preserving the quality of a carefully-curated wine collection is essential. While proper storage is always of the utmost concern, your collection -- sure to make any sommelier jealous -- needn’t be relegated to a crowded wine rack in the corner. 

Having your wine bottles on display gives your home an inviting and welcoming feel, and there is nothing that makes a guest feel more special than their host pulling a fine wine from a beautiful wine rack and opening it in their honor. 

If you are considering creating a wine storage space in your home, there are important factors to consider:  

  • Temperature: A space that is too warm could spoil your wine. While a refrigerated space isn’t strictly necessary, temperatures above 70°F will age wine more quickly than is desirable. Conversely, you don’t want a space that is too cool. Though cooling white wine before serving is second nature, storing it in a refrigerator permanently isn’t ideal for longevity. 
  • Oxidation: Too much light can spoil your wine over time. Furthermore, storing your wine sideways ensures oxygen doesn’t enter the bottle, which over time can spoil the wine. Storing wine sideways leaves the cork or screw cap covered with liquid, closing it off to unwanted oxygen. 

Our design consultants are skilled at working with your space to design custom wine storage solutions that protect your wine collection while also showcasing it. Visit your local California Closets showroom today to learn more about different wine storage solutions that will not only store your special bottles in perfect conditions but will also make your home look beautiful.


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