Alexis Williams, Design Consultant

Designing has always been who I am rather than what I do. After attending architecture school, I realized that I was more passionate about designing the things that go into a home and having them reflect and meet the needs of the homeowner. As an industrial designer, I became experienced in how functionality is the most important component in creating a perfect design.
Being a California Closets Design Consultant has been so fulfilling for me because each design I create is unique to the individual’s needs. The creative aspect of designing a space that reflects each clients personality is always a fun and welcome challenge, each and every time.

Building a lasting relationship with a client is of the utmost importance to me. I listen to the clients needs and try to fully understand what they want, even if they don’t realize it themselves! Exceeding the expectation is my goal every time, and my perfectionistic mentality prevents me from delivering anything but that.