Sliding Doors & Room Dividers

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Sliding Doors & Room Dividers

Sliding doors have often carried the whiff of utilitarian, of something garish with mirrors that your parents or grandparents had in their old, out of date bedrooms.

California Closets’ sliding doors are modern, up-to-date, and incredibly stylish. In fact, they’re more often an ideal solution for closets than a standard hinged door.

Sliding doors are ideal for tight rooms as a design necessity, but they’re also making a very strong comeback and are fast becoming a go-to design choice for rooms of all sizes. They can be integrated into your bedroom closet, living room, office and even garage. They blend into your décor better than hinged doors and essentially become another wall to blend into the room.

Sliding doors are a perfect addition to any space, providing a modern look that maximizes views, because they don’t take up valuable space on your floor plan.

Sophisticated, contemporary sliding doors are created for smooth operation and dependable performance.

A variety of wood, glass, Ecoresin and mirror panels can be incorporated to satisfy anyone’s personal style and create endless design opportunities. Creating visual texture and depth in a room is an easy task with sliding doors.  With a variety of finishes available – from rustic barn doors, to textured wood grains to bright, clean, and smooth Parapan® – you will be able to find the right colors and styles to fit any existing decor

You can add dramatic doorways to tired spaces, bring daylight to dark corners that would have been blocked by traditional hinged closet doors, or design custom entryways with ease.

Sliding doors are a functional and stylish addition to any space. They not only beautify, but save space compared to traditional doors that open into your room.


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