Santa Monica Custom Closets

The custom closets Santa Monica seems to be raving about are the innovative and specified units coming from your favourite home improvement company: California Closets. This is because we take your needs and concerns as our absolute number one top priority, no questions asked. If you want us to build a special storage unit on your rooftop, we will try our hardest to make it happen.

Fulfill Your Dream

Why do we ask your opinions and dreams for your home improvement?  We'll, if the answer isn't obvious enough, it's your home and you know it best.  We understand that our Santa Monica custom closets are nothing but an empty product to waste money on unless they are specified to work with the way that you live life and use your home.  Knowing this, we guide through a simple process that involves 3 steps:


Your Santa Monica custom closets will be built on knowledge gathered from a home walkthrough and series of questions to be asked by our consultant.  This information will be the basis of how we start visualizing how to best serve your home storage situation.


You work with our architects, consultants, and designers to make sure that the ideas that we are suggesting are in fact the ones that will work for your home.  On top of that, your Santa Monica custom closet will receive its aesthetic looks and value in this step, allowing you to choose color, style, material, and more.


We'll ship all the parts to your doorstep at the same time and allow our builders to follow.  They will work thoroughly and quickly to build from the ground up your Santa Monica custom closet, leaving it in a condition that is miraculous and subtle, seemingly a fixture of your home since day one.

Get Your Satisfaction

Our Santa Monica custom closets are built for your satisfaction through an intricate and highly effective customization process.