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Play Room

While children are adept at imagining elaborate play scenarios, they are rarely as skilled at returning their favorite toys to their proper place. With so many amazing toys available for children today, it is difficult for parents to keep an organized and tidy play room in the home. 

You want your children to have a space where their imaginations can run wild – but in order to do that, their play room needs to be organized and functional as well as serving as a fun, creative space where they feel happy. 

We find that play rooms for children work best when a child’s desires and needs are taken into account -- weighed equally, of course, with their parents’ desire for! 

A few of the strategies we employ to help our customers calm their child’s play room chaos include:

  • Sorting toys by activity. Educational toys, high-energy toys, building blocks, figurines, and every toy in between keep children engaged at different times, depending on their mood. Toys should be sorted into groups so they can be easily stored and be readily available when play time comes around. 
  • Having a place for everything. As children grow and change, so do their favorite toys. A flexible play room storage solution ensures that the space’s organizational capabilities grow as quickly as your child does. Additionally, ample storage ensures that floor space stays clear, keeping the play space functional and adaptable.
  • Using labels. As your child’s toy collection expands, it gets harder to keep track of everything. There is nothing worse than hunting through disorderly piles when a favorite toy has gone missing.  We find that this has the added benefit of making tidying up more intuitive -- and even fun! -- for children. 
  • Making sure the room has style! You want your child’s play room to be clean and organized without sacrificing the inspiration for their vivid imaginations. We work with color and texture in our fixtures to keep play room organization from becoming dull, keeping the play space as fun as your little ones. 

We’d love to help you further consider how to create the best play room layout for your child. Come by a California Closets near you to learn more about customized play room storage solutions!


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