5 Top Home Office Storage Solutions To Cut Clutter

Make your office space more productive with these handy tools

Wanted: Practical Office Storage Solutions

True, a filing cabinet and some desk drawers are standard office equipment. Perhaps a white board for ideas, a bulletin board for tacking up important papers or inspiration. But what about those papers you need to reference? The bills that need paid? What kind of office storage solutions are best so you don't end up losing important items or documents?

5 Top Home Office Storage Solutions to Cut Clutter

1. Boxes with labels. Have matching colors or a color-coded system to organize papers and office supplies. Like many office storage solutions, these are easy to find and set up. The boxes keep contents covered and convenient. Group things like writing utensils (pens, pencils, erasers), adhesives (glue, tape, thumbtacks), cords or items you don't need to access daily in a desk drawer.

2. Cord organizers. Jumbles of cords are irritating, especially when you can't find what to unplug. With all the electronics in a home office (computer, phone, printer, scanner, lamp, and extension cords just to name a few), office storage solutions that make these easy to manage are essential. There are several kinds of wraps, coiling systems, even tracks that lead cords in deliberate directions. No matter the system you choose, label cords at the plug head and midway on the cable so you can tell which is which easily.

3. Baskets and bins. Another deceptively simple office storage solution, use baskets to sort mail on shelves and cut on correspondence clutter. Create a system that works for your needs where bills go in one, another for outgoing mail, perhaps another for junk mail that can simply go to the recycling bin once full.

4. Your computer. "What?" you say, "How is a computer one of your office storage solutions?" With many companies and banks providing paperless billing and correspondence, your computer is a great way to cut down on mountains of paper that most businesses create. Download and create backups of important documents; you'll have less to file and less likelihood of things getting lost.

5. Magnetic chalkboard. Use this incredible paint to turn a wall of your home office into a message center, idea area, and vertical filing system for daily inspiration. By making creativity fun, you're more likely to get things done and not forget important appointments."

Even More Office Storage Solutions at California Closets.

If you own your own business, freelance, or even just occasionally work from home, a home office is a vital part of many professional lives. Create the ideal space that maximizes your productivity without losing vital documents by using office storage solutions that fit your needs.

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