Closet Company Mobile

California Closets has been hard at work doing what we do best -- helping customers follow through on their dream to create a more beautiful, sustainable, and freer home to live, play, and relax in. Now, come home to a cleaner house after installing a brand new organizer with the Mobile closet company of choice.

We Know What We're Doing

We pride ourselves in our business.  Everyone else knows that if you are looking for an upgrade in your storage solutions, the closet company Mobile residents go to is California Closets.  This is because we have endless experience supporting the customer through a specification process that ensures they get precisely what they want out of their brand new closet.

Customize This

What is this customization process all about?  Any other Mobile closet company may give you generic options between three to four setups and ask you to choose.  With California Closets, we give you the choice of the pieces -- shelves, racks, bins, hangers, armoires, file cabinets -- as well as stylistic elements -- color, build material, trim, detailing, design aesthetic -- to guarantee that you will have fun narrowing your choices down to what you really and truly want.  This way, you and your home are happier.

We'll Help with Anything!

We are the closet company Mobile residents know can bring them the options and beauty of remaining your home.  Whereas surface level upgrades like granite countertops and new paint will make your house look different, we bring something completely different.  We can provide you with a storage solution anywhere in your home.  We've installed completely customized units in garages, under stairs, in lofts, bathrooms, closets, and more.  Ask us for anything (even your wildest dreams) and we will do our best to the Mobile closet company that makes it happen.

Get What You Want

If you are ready to get everything you want from your favourite Mobile closet company, reach out to us at California Closets today.