Five Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Countless Home Office Ideas? What to Choose

Perhaps you want a simple space to do occasional work from home or a highly personalized center for your home business. Classic versus more personalized design is just one of the choices you'll need to make when comes to thinking about home office ideas. But whatever you decide on, creating a comfortable work environment for maximum productivity is key.

5 Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Besides thinking about workflow questions like if you're right- or left-handed, work with a computer or physical papers more, or ever share the office space with others, here are some home office ideas to get you the best possible space for working from home.

1. Technology. Do you need just a laptop and Internet connection? Or multiple desktops running at top speed? When thinking about home office ideas, consider equipment such as a combination printer/copier/fax machine to save space. Backup hard drives, ergonomic keyboard, or large monitor are just a few other essentials, says Inc.

2. Administration. If you work as a part time freelancer or full-time small business owner, you need home office ideas to control all your paperwork. Sort mail, file papers, and pay bills with filing cabinets, mail trays, and an easy to follow record keeping system.

3. Shelving. Bookshelves don't stop at just books, you can display art and accessories, product samples, even use decorative storage with this essential home office idea. Maximize your usable space with floor-to-ceiling units, perhaps custom built-in shelving if you have space.

4. Ultimate office chair. You'll be sitting a fair amount of time, so home office ideas need to include comfortable seating for both you and any possible clients that come in. Find the best chair for you using this guide from FresHome.

5. Multi-use space. Whether it's meeting clients or customers, laying out large proofs, or sorting through paperwork, we love home office ideas that include a large, empty flat surface. This project station adapts to whatever needs you have, inspiring creativity. Designs and ideas abound, like these for a starting point.

Need More Home Office Ideas?

Our Design Consultants at California Closets have the know-how and home office ideas that you need to create the ultimate home workspace. Whether a nook or entire room, they'll increase your productivity, organization, and satisfaction with the perfect home office ideas for your individual needs.

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