At California Closets, we emphasize good design that’s built to last. After decades in the interior design industry, we constantly researchthe best building materials. Our products have a durability and texture that imitates the grain of real wood, making your storage solutions easier to care for without sacrificing appearance. 

Furthermore, our products enable the flexibility that is paramount to our design aesthetic. Your space’s appearance is as customizable as its layout, and you have a wide range of styles at your disposal. 

Choosing the right finish defines your space and your home, whether you opt for light or dark, wood-grained or solid, the perfect finish brings both color and refinement to any room. Your design consultant can help you choose a style that matches your existing décor, compliments it in subtle difference, or makes a new and dramatic statement. 


LagoTM Italian-inspired finishes offer the more classic look of natural wood, reflecting the picturesque landscapes and architecture of Italy’s Lago di Como. Lago’s unique grain texture and elegant colors enhance the interior of your home and provide the look, texture and quality of real wood veneer. They’re as natural as they look, too—in our commitment to helping you create a healthier home, we’ve ensured that LagoTM finishes are CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant and meet the standard for clean and safe wood. 

The Tesoro Collection of finishes sets a new benchmark in home decor. These finishes take your home’s appearance further by emulating not just rich wood grains, but beautiful textiles as well. For example, Corsican Weave offers the look and comfort of a favorite herringbone jacket that never goes out of style; this finish has a depth of texture rarely found in a wood finish, creating an inviting tactile sensation.

Whatever your dream home looks like, California Closets has the top-of-the-line products to help you make those dreams a reality. Sign up for a free in-home design consultation today and start crafting your dream home!