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Entertainment Center

California Closets can help you create a media center that’s as stylish as it is functional. 

Between DVD players, gaming consoles, cable/satellite boxes, DVRs, flat-panel TVs and the miles of cables that connect them all, TV rooms are a true storage challenge. When you add in the DVDs, CDs, video games, and remote controls, that challenge gets even tougher. But our Design Consultants have smart solutions to tame your TV room and bring order to chaos.

A Functional Media Center

The centerpiece of any media room is the television. California Closets can create a custom storage system that makes your TV the star, but allows other aspects of the room to shine as well.

  • Adjustable shelving allows you to display collectibles, books, photo albums art, and media center components—while being flexible enough to easily accommodate changing technology.
  • Our cable management systems can route all the power cords and connecting wires that bring your media system to life—keeping things out of sight, but easy to access.
  • Integrated LED lighting helps showcase your display items and can adjust to match the mood of a darkened screening room.
  • Fabric door inserts hide speakers and subwoofers while letting their sound fill the room.
  • And best of all, our wide variety of finishes, materials and details mean your media center will blend perfectly with the rest of your home.

A California Closets Design Consultant can analyze your media center components and the way you want to use your living space to create a custom media storage solution as stylish and as smart as the technology it houses.


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