Customer Service

In our 30 years of operation, we’ve learned about what brings people back through our doors: customer satisfaction. We operate with the highest levels of professionalism because we value nothing more highly than your trust. In our line of work, we have learned how to be great listeners. We prioritize teamwork and collaboration through and through. 

The relationship continues even after installation. To ensure that the collaboration went smoothly and that you’re completely satisfied with your new closet, we always conduct a follow up call to see how your new closet is treating you. We also ask customers to complete a survey after installation to make sure we’re providing world-class service.

We know that crafting your dream home is no small task – this is why we promise to do everything possible to reward your decision to collaborate with California Closets and, as every successful project requires, become your trusted partner. We will do so by consistently over-delivering on our promise to bring you the most design-conscious, efficient, durable, and enjoyable home solutions available to you. 

We’ve learned that what makes this a rewarding experience is being heard, which is why we take pride in our abilities as listeners and collaborators. We’ve learned that the more you are able to share your thoughts and dreams, the more we can do to make those dreams real and deliver your final storage solution quickly and efficiently, all while exceeding your highest expectations.

The California Closets Experience is more than just the closet conception, design and installation. It is a partnership that we believe in and hope to maintain over time. We can only do so if –you are happy with the work that we’ve done. You can rest easy in knowing that in our line of work, customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities. Please let us know what California Closets can do for you.