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Custom closets for your bedroom can be anything from walk-in and reach-in closets to traditional wardrobes. California Closets can help you turn a cluttered bedroom into a restful sanctuary.

Your bedroom should be a place of refuge. It’s where you begin each new day and where you find peace at night.

Well-designed and intelligent custom closets can help turn any room into a perfect home base. California Closets offers a wide range of custom closet storage solutions that can help you get the most out of your bedroom space.

Custom Closets - Which Style Is Right for You?

Ready to have your dream closet organizers designed and installed?  The best place to start is by determining which custom closets best suit your needs.

  • Walk-In Custom Closets

A walk-in closet is exactly what the name would imply, a closet system that’s large enough for you to step into. Walk-in closets can be just a few square feet or as large as another entire bedroom. Either way, they create the same design opportunities and challenges.

Since walk-ins are larger, they allow for more storage. But their corners and angles need careful planning to maximize storage ease and efficiency. California Closets Design Consultants are experts at creating walk-in custom closets that take full advantage of your closet’s layout.

  • Reach-In Custom Closets

It’s common to find reach-in closets in older construction and newer homes’ guest bedrooms. These closets were often originally designed with just a single rod for hanging clothes. But a California Closets Design Consultant can utilize multiple levels of storage and incorporate shelves and drawers to help turn limited space into an ample closet for two.

Reach-in closets may require creative thinking, but you can be sure California Closets has the custom closet solutions, expertise and accessories to help you maximize the storage of your limited space.

  • Wardrobes

Simply put, wardrobes can create a closet where there wasn’t one before. Whereas traditional closets are cut into the wall, a wardrobe from California Closets is a finished piece, or series of pieces, installed along the wall. An armoire or wardrobe organizing system creates a feeling of open space and keeps things tidy behind closed doors.

Your California Closets Design Consultant can analyze your space and help you create a wardrobe system that blends perfectly with the style of your home and brings order and functionality to your bedroom.


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