What’s Wrong with My Closet Organization?

Why does it seem like you can never find anything in your dark, cluttered closet? Does your closet seem to send favorite sweaters into some hidden dimension and still doesn’t seem to have room for a new dress? You are not alone, and sustainable closet organization is not of your reach.

Seven Steps to a Heavenly Closet

1. Get Rid of It

You’ll hear this a million-and-one times, but don’t keep anything if you haven’t worn it in a year. You’ll never be able to find the clothes you do want if you can’t give away or donate the clothes you never wear. This is a closet organization systems cardinal rule.

2. Top to Bottom

Closet organization is more effective if you sort by frequency of use. Keep the things you wear and use most – work clothes and such – at eye level. Less frequently used items can be relegated to harder to access spots.

3. Closet Organization Information Transparency

If the Freedom of Information Act allows for more government transparency, why can’t there be transparency in what is stored in the mystery boxes in your closet? Either label every box or invest in some transparent bins to keep shoes, sweaters and seasonal items.

4. Seasonal Rotation

Sometimes closet organization hits a bump due to large volumes of seasonal items that take up space. Store summer dresses and winter coats in flat bags under the bed or elsewhere during off-seasons. This will free up your closet for the clothes you will actually be wearing.

5. Sort by Color

It may sound OCD, but sorting clothes by color, both in drawers and on the hanger will do miracles for closet organization. You’ll spend less time each morning looking for the right outfit and you closet will look more visually appealing as well.

6. Space Efficiency

Take advantage of every nook and cranny in your closet. Either look into custom designed closet shelves and cabinets or other storage solutions that maximize your closet organization space.

7. Get Rid of It

That’s right. Do closet organization step one again. There are those items in your closet that you KNOW you’ll wear at some point, but you can’t think of a time that you actually would. If it makes it easier, tag each hanger and take off the tag each time you wear a garment. By the end of the year, you’ll be surprised how many things you didn’t wear.

Still Need More Storage Solution Tips?

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