Closet Design

The words “closet” and “design” are rarely seen in the same sentence, much less next to each other. Traditionally, closets have been dark, closed-door cabinets for clothes storage and nothing more. However, closets across American have been getting much more attention recently. You’ve probably seen Samantha’s luxury walk-in closet in The Sex and the City Movie, or a tricked-out celebrity closet on MTV’s “Cribs,” but this doesn’t mean that normal closets don’t also get premium upgrades. Non-celebrities and non-fictional characters are also entitled to a closet that is pleasant to the eyes as well as ultra-organized. Have you considered an upgrade?

A closet design customized to your space can add organizational and storage capacity to your life. Good closet design is also visually appealing.

  1. Saves Time

    Instead of spending each morning shifting through piles of clothes or searching for a suit that fell behind its hanger, you could calmly flip through well organized rows and drawers containing everything you need. Putting things away will also take less time when every item you own has a place.

  2. Clean, Organized, Nothing Lost

    When closet design space is used well and efficiently, things can be kept clean and found more easily. With custom drawers and cabinets your closet organizers are designed to hold exactly what you own, whether it’s a lot of shoes, bowties, scarves, hats or blouses. You’ll never have to rummage through a closet looking for a lost skirt again.

  3. Home Value

    Practical yet tasteful permanent fixtures can increase the value of your home. A beautiful closet design is a great financial asset.

  4. Start Every Morning Happy

    Every morning you have to wake up to an alarm. Every morning you have to make breakfast. Every morning you have to get dressed. Why not make the getting dressed part an enjoyable experience? Begin every morning utilizing a closet design that makes you feel good. If you’re not a morning person, that’s the only good thing before 12:00 pm beside coffee.

  5. A Great Closet Design at Any Size

    You don’t need a giant walk-in closet, or even a walk-in closet at all, to take advantage of custom closet design. Custom closets can be designed to fit into any space, walk-in or reach-in.

Your closet doesn’t need to be the one room in your home that is neglected just because its door can be shut.

California Closets Value and Quality

At California Closets, our years of experience understanding and defining space allow for unparalleled expertise. If you've seen our work, you know that we blend functionality with a beautiful aesthetic like no other company. That's why, when people sell their homes, they often list California Closets as a key feature. Our name means quality, craftsmanship, innovation, and impeccable execution.