Bookshelves with creme and black

Milan, Day 2: Perfect Designs for Books & More

Ginny's shares her photos from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair, with an emphasis on popular trends in contemporary design. Take a look and let us know which ones are your favorites! For real-time coverage of the fair, follow Ginny on Twitter at @caclosets.

California Closets in Milan - neutral bedroom with a splash of red

Milan, Day 2: Design That Mirrors Our Emotions

Fashion and design are inextricably linked to human experiences and emotions. This year, I'm seeing trends at the Milan Furniture Fair that reflect how many of us are dealing with troubling economic times - understated and simple approaches with a burst of hopeful color.

California Closets at Milan Furniture Fair 2011: Red Media Center Varying Depths

Milan, Day 1: Depth, Texture & Colors

I'm recovering from an amazing first day at the Milan Furniture Fair! The event is huge and there's a lot of ground to cover. I started with the contemporary design exhibits and noticed some interesting design trends related to depth, textures, and colors. Check out my observations and photos!

California Closets at Milan Furniture Fair 2011

The Milan Furniture Fair - We're There!

Our chief organization officer Ginny Snook Scott arrived this morning in Italy - for the world-renowned Milan Furniture Fair. She'll be tweeting and blogging throughout the week, highlighting the most exciting trends in furniture design, from finishes and colors to accessories and cabinetry.

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