What Exactly Is A Bedroom Wardrobe Closet And Why You Need One

Looking at the advantages of the bedroom wardrobe closet trend over a typical home closet

In a Time Before Bedroom Wardrobes or Closets…

Long ago, before central heating and running water, you wouldn't find a bedroom with a wardrobe or closet. Clothing for the entire household was stored on a row of pegs next to the door. British taxes were based on how many rooms a house had, so closets were rare before the American Revolution. Obviously, looking at any home today, things have radically changed.

Maximizing Space in Your Bedroom with a Wardrobe Closet

Historically, closets in the average household did not appear regularly until the late 19th century. Print media was already beginning to complain about closet clutter along with the advent of cheap clothing courtesy of the industrial revolution.

The advent of the walk-in closet in the 1950s improved matters, becoming the norm for master bedrooms. However, with current trends making walk-in closets even more enormous and lavish, there still is the fundamental problem of how to maximize storage space, keeping clutter under control, and have your home look stylish all the while.

Enter the bedroom wardrobe closet. Here's a solution that truly gets the most out of your current space.  Consider the following:

  • No more blind spots.

Closet doors often restrict the placement of drawers and pullouts in a standard closet. With the doorway width restricting the space available to pull out a drawer, basket or shelf, the rest of the closet might as well not be there. Pullouts also change the side areas into inaccessible dark pits — goodbye coins, cufflinks, jewelry, and hangers. One-fourth to one-third of the closet floor space becomes unusable, largely counteracting any storage gain from using pullouts in the first place.

Bedroom Wardrobe Closet Benefit: Visibility! Having doors the same size as the space behind them eliminates blind spots and wasted space.

  • No more searching for that special red purse.

Poor lighting, design that's centered around a central rod, and wasted space are the hallmarks of many bedroom closets. A walk-in closet requires perhaps 200% more floor space for an only 60% increase of storage space.

Bedroom Wardrobe Closet Benefit: Instant organization! Often custom built, sliding trays, and drawers allow watches, ties, jewelry and other small items to be stashed inside your dressing space. Lighting is built in, so nothing gets lost. And by using the oft-wasted space below hanging garments for drawers or other pullouts, you no longer wonder where your favorite things are.

Revolutionizing Your Bedroom Wardrobe Closet

Now that you're armed with ideas to make the most out of your precious bedroom, make sure to add a charging station for mobile phones and other electronics to your bedroom wardrobe closet. You'll never lose a charger or camera again!

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