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Wall Bed

Nothing adds function and flexibility to a space like adding a wall bed. California Closets has stylish wall beds to fit any room.

You can transform any space into a guest room or simply maximize space in a bedroom with a stylish, sturdy and comfortable wall bed or authentic Murphy bed from California Closets.

Wall Beds Are Not What They Once Were

The question is not "Do we want a wall bed?" it's "Why don't we have a wall bed already?"

  • There's no need to sacrifice your room's look and feel, our wall bed systems are as stylish as they are functional.
  • Forget about needing an engineering degree to operate your wall bed; you’ll be amazed at how easily and smoothly they open and close.
  • Combined with a traditional fold-down mattress or an innovative “roll-out” mechanism, you or your guests will enjoy luxurious comfort at a moment’s notice.

A California Closets design consultant can help add functionality to any room by creating a custom wall bed system that suits your needs.  For more information on California Closet’s wall beds, schedule a complimentary design consultation today.

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