Reach In Closets

With limited access, reach-in closets can be a challenge to keep organized. But custom designed reach-in closets can help turn any bedroom into a perfect home base. California Closets offers a wide range of custom reach-in closet solutions that can help you get the most out of your bedroom space.

Getting The Most From Your Reach-In Closets

Letting California Closets design your custom reach-in closets not only maximizes space while being one less headache, but now you'll be able to find those clothes that dissappear in the back of your closet organizers.

  1. Properly designed reach-in closets maximize every inch of available space and can provide ample storage for a couple‚Äôs wardrobe, shoes and accessories. 
  1. The creative use of corner spaces in your reach-in closet can make formerly-inaccessible spaces fully functional.
  1. Our reach-in closet systems allow you to combine intelligent storage solution components like multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, bins, baskets, slide-out hampers and more.


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