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Welcome to California Closets Prescott

The situation now days with storage is a fruitful one . This means that we are entering into a place where you can seem to get exactly what you want for whatever you want to put away into storage.  Our closets at California Closets Prescott are no different!

Storage Utopia

Ideally, you’d have space for all your clothes, important documents, shoes and accessories, memories, and more.  However, in pursuit of perfection, we can only give you these things and more in a closet at California Closets Prescott!

Every Last Inch

Store absolutely anything and everything.  We guarantee it.  We’ll make sure to work with you to assess all of the little and intricate pieces you need to put here and there so that you can make the most of every inch and penny.  We’ll use a combination of things such as hanger space, drawers, file cabinets, shoe racks, and much more to assess which things you really want and need to store.  For many customers, we have also realized this is a great prerogative to clean out old things.

Healthiness is in the Home

If you are ready to make a serious move into a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, please reach out to us at California Closets Prescott.  We have noticed significant changes in a home throughout the process.  Not only will it be cleaner and more welcoming, but it will stay that way since there simply is some storage space there for all of your belongings.

Your Closet Awaits

If you believe as much as we do that cleanliness is next to godliness, you will enjoy owning your own California Closets Prescott products as much as we love building them.




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