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Our commitment is to our customers and it shows - in 2012, California Closets of Michigan earned the Customer Satisfaction Award for receiving the highest customer survey ratings in the country. Additionally, our commitment to our customers and focus on delivering the highest quality storage solutions enabled us to achieve the Franchise of the Year Award.

Michigan celebrates a wide variety of different townships, ecosystems, bustling cities, pastimes, and cultures. Flanked by the shores of the Great Lakes, this great state has been the epicenter of many different industrial and cultural movements over the course of our country's history. Michigan residents are equally as diverse, and exhibit their unique qualities in a number of different ways--one of the primary being home design.

With the customizable nature of California Closets Michigan units, we're confident you'll have all of your storage needs met in an aesthetically pleasing fashion that fits in perfectly with the decor and theme of your home. Increase the functionality of your space with a custom reach-in or walk-in closet from California Closets Michigan, and make disorganization a thing of the past.

Embrace The Potential With California Closets Michigan

Support Local!

When designing your dream storage solution with California Closets Michigan, you'll take pride in knowing that your product will be built with the utmost care and delightful craftsmanship right in your neck of the woods. Don't be subjected to long wait times for a product that doesn't fit your exact need. Take control of your storage vision while supporting Michigan business.

Endless Possibilities

Whatever space you feel could be a bit more organized, California Closets Michigan will provide you with the ideas and designs to meet your unique needs. No two people are exactly alike--so why should their homes be? Take advantage of extra shelves, cupboard space, or extra hanger rods to accommodate your different belongings in a manner that allows for quick and easy access later. Separate your belongings from your spouse's, and those of your children as well, and instill the importance of organization in their minds to help your home run more efficiently.

Embrace The Outdoors

Whether you like hunting or sailing on the Great Lakes, let California Closets Michigan provide you with the perfect home for all of your various gear. Don't waste time pulling apart things that you don't need just to reach one of your tools--take advantage of the new-found space in your custom closet to carve yourself a niche, so you can get back to doing the things that you love.

California Closets Michigan For Your Storage Needs

Call California Closets Michigan today for your free in-home design consultation and experience the stress-reducing joys of an organized home. 



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