Your Home Office Solution: Create a Productive Place to Work

At California Closets, we think having a beautifully designed, organized, and well-built home office can make the difference between a good day “at the office” and a great one.

We specialize in custom-built home office solutions to fit your needs: whether its an unused corner you’d like to transform into a productive office storage space, or an entire room to fill with shelving, a sturdy desk, file storage, and connectivity tools.

How to Make the Transition to Working from Home

One of the things that often first attracts people to a company is their workspace and time flexibility. If on the first day you see people around you in the office living healthy, balanced lives, with the option of working from home several days per week, it's a possible sign that you too could do the same in the future.

So when the time comes to start a family, you might think the transition will be easy. And it probably will be -- for them! If you can be just as communicative and engaged at home as in the office, there should be no problems adjusting. What you might now expect, however, is how hard the transition might be for you.

Putting a home office solution together is a cinch with California Closets. We help with the design, choice of shelving, cabinets, and organizer tools. Before you know it, you'll have a beautiful, dedicated space to work in your home.

But your own organization skills needed some work! You may not be used to planning your day out as a mix between work and family. Here's an important tip: schedule the “fixed” events (picking up the kids from school, conference calls) on Sundays every week, and fill in blocks of time with the flexible tasks (creating project workbooks, grocery shopping). It will help you be more productive -- and truly take advantage of the joys of a home office.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our home office used to be the dumping ground for everything: mail, clothes, and sporting goods were all indiscriminately piled where we should have been working. Now that we have a place for everything, I spend less time working, and more time playing."
- Tina F., Miami, FL

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