Make Your Garage Home To More Than Just Cars

Garage cabinets are just one step in how to better organize your garage.

What's in Your Garage?

Garages used to be places to store cars and not much else. However, over time they've become the catch-all of almost everything else, from bikes and sports equipment to extra furniture. With all this stuff comes an array of organizing products including garage cabinets, shelving, and organizer systems. So what do you need?

How to Make the Most out of Your Garage Cabinets with These Easy Steps

1. Before you rush out to buy shelving or garage cabinets, think first about how you want to use your garage. If you buy systems that don't target your needs, you'll just be wasting money. Deciding before you start moving things around will give you a clear vision of what needs to be done.

2. Clear everything out. Pick a sunny day and empty your garage of everything that's currently inside. Sort out what will stay, what goes elsewhere in your home, what will be donated, and what will be thrown away.

3. Clean your empty garage. Before installing anything like garage cabinets or shelves, start off with a clean slate by washing walls and floors. If your space is dingy, consider a fresh coat of paint to brighten everything up.

4. Decide on your storage needs. Now that you see everything that's actually in your garage, what makes the most sense to keep it organized and contained? Garage cabinets can be a great option, as they allow for flexible, contained storage that can fit almost anything imaginable. Steel shelving or other durable options are best for the often heavy-duty needs in garage storage.

5. Find hidden space and use it. Overhead storage is great for items like holiday decorations since you only need them occasionally. Don't think you have the place for a workbench? Why not find one that folds when not in use?

6. Put like with like. Instead of bikes scattered all around, have a designated space for bikes and their gear. Use garage cabinets to keep categories separate: for example, one for gardening supplies, another for ski and sports equipment. If everything has a place, it's easy to keep your garage organized.

Garage Cabinets are Just the Beginning

If your garage no longer has room for a car or even space to walk, consider bringing in the experts. A professional organizer like a California Closets Design Consultant will help you figure out what you need in your garage as well as organization options, like garage cabinets, that will work for your needs. Once you have a clear vision, the rest will effortlessly fall into place.

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