Suzi Beirle, Design Consultant


San Diego Area

One of my favorite games is Tetris. All the different falling shapes and pretty colors all needing to be fit into a small space, maximizing the amount of tiles to rack up points. The hours of playing this game have paid off! Over the years, assigning falling objects “a place” has been the number one reason people initially call and invite me into their homes. After recently downsizing homes personally, I appreciate first-hand how essential it is to maximize space and uncover and utilize hidden space you didn’t even know existed!

For over 8 years, I have had the pleasure of designing for California Closets. Beginning in sprawling Las Vegas, then heading West to the Bay Area with its unique architecture, and currently beautiful and diverse San Diego! During the years with my California Closets family, it has been an honor to assist so many fabulous people as they establish roots, rearrange their roots and adapt to the changes in their lives.

Whether I am hired to create a design to maximize a room, welcome in a new member of the family, or create a focal point for a new TV, each project is approached as a new adventure, a puzzle of sorts, with the ultimate goal of creating a custom design to enhance the way you live. I am also privileged to say that over these years, I have designed over $5 million of installed projects! The greatest compliment I can receive is a personal referral or to have a client call me for another project. I strive to offer everyone the experience they deserve. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


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